That’s My Pen

Words means something, but the perception is in the ears of the audience.  My youngest daughter’s teacher (Mrs. Peltier) said to her class one day, “I just saw a Red Man running with a Blue Dog tied to his waist.”  While the rest of the class gave a weird cringe face and playfully mumbled “that’s weird”, Priscilla (my youngest daughter) exclaimed “That’s my Daddy and Blue!”  When Mrs. Peltier told me this story we laughed just thinking of images that were being generated in the student’s minds.  Yet, I was proud and overjoyed that these minuscule details vividly stood out in my daughter’s mind with an accurate picture of me doing what I love.  But let’s take a moment and think about this.  When did we lose that free – yet – powerful mindset of a child?  When we’re young, we know without question that there are no limits to what we can do.  There are no parameters set on what we can accomplish, on what we can create or who we can become!  But…. life…. right?  As time marches on, life chips away at people’s motivation, ambitions, and their belief in themselves.  Wait, who the f*ck is writing this story anyway?

This world is filled with smart people that didn’t make it, that lost hope, and people that had given up.  This world is filled with capable people that lack the courage to listen to themselves and follow through with their plans, but instead they choose to listen to society that says most people don’t make it, most people fail, and it’s too late.

Sometimes we get caught up in who doesn’t support our dream.  There will always be forces trying to convince you to settle where you are.  Don’t fall victim to the common mental setback that “my husband/wife/family don’t understand, support or believe in my dream.”  The question that needs to be asked is “Do YOU understand and believe in your dream?”  Many people will not understand why you’re grinding.  They won’t understand why you’re running 20 miles starting at midnight instead of partying all night at the club.  They’re not going to understand that short term sacrifices lead to long term success; and they’re definitely not going to understand that you’re building a lifestyle that will leave a positive legacy in your absence.  Most people will not understand this, and you shouldn’t give a damn if they do or not!  You don’t need permission to accomplish your goals and pursue your dreams.  Not my permission, not your family’s permission, not loved ones, experts or coaches.  You’ve never needed anyone else’s permission to choose which sentence you’re going to write next in your life’s story.

Children have a Growth Mindset that embraces problems or challenges and views them as opportunities to learn; whereas a Fixed Mindset avoids them out of fear of failure.  So again, when did we lose that free – yet – powerful mindset of a child?  Society tells us that only 1% make it to the top. Now that doesn’t mean you only have a 1% chance.  It means that only 1% of us stick with our program long enough to see the results; and it’s proof that we shouldn’t behave like the 99% because being afraid of failure is not doing anything for us!  Children don’t listen to what we say, but they eventually do what we do.  That being said, be stronger than your excuses, stick to your plan and steward your profession or sport.  My children will never have the opportunity to ask me “How did you give up on your dream?” But they now have the opportunity to ask me “How did you make your dream a reality?”  (Reply) “Each of us have one, and none are exactly the same; a life. Our life is our story.  So when you’re writing your life’s story, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.”

Jackalope Jam 100 Mile Ultra Marathon Finish (FEB 2020)


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